ID King – Interior Design Work by Adrian Wee

ID King – Interior Design Work by Adrian Wee

I believe “Never Stop Learning” is an essential mantra of life.

Last week, I have attended a workshop which I long anticipated since I signed up for it last year. This workshop is about learning the trade of Interior Design. I have signed up for this as I want to improve my knowledge and skills in interior designing so that I am able to add value for my clients and my property investments.

The speaker for this workshop is Adrian Wee. He is a great teacher and humorous too. He revealed information in the trade which I believe interior designers would consider them trade secrets. Some people said he “over delivered”.

Adrian Wee

Adrian Wee Adrian Wee Adrian Wee

As a property consultant and property investor, it is an eye opener for me. With those “secrets”, I could save-a-lot in fitting out & furnishing of a property. I’ve also learnt the different techniques and the importance of space planning which greatly enhance the presentation and the functionality of the property especially in a studio unit. The following pictures here is a showroom that was set up in less than 2 hours!

Adrian Wee Adrian Wee

During the workshop, we had the opportunity to visit some factories and access restricted areas to understand the nature of their business as well.