Real Estate Investment – Interior Solution

Real Estate Investment – Interior Solution

Real Estate Investment Interior Solution

Here’s some pictures of a unit at The Mews, KLCC, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, that we have recently completed in collaboration with a passionate “work from home” designer that offers very affordable interior fit out services while able to maximise client’s property rentability.

While working closely together with us as a professional property consultant we are identify the potential rental in the current market and thus optimising the budget necessary to attract the good tenant and reduce vacancy period.

While planning on the furnitures to provide, we always keep in mind of the potential maintenances and functionality issues. We aim to minimise future conflicts with tenants hence try our best to imaging how a tenants would use the items we provide and the cost of replacement.  We tend to avoid products and materials that could be easily damages, stained and too costly to replace. We also tend to avoid furnitures that just look good but doesn’t offers much utility to the tenant.

Beside this we would also consider tenant turnaround issues. For example, base on our years of experience, occasionally the mattresses are stained. It is costly to replace and it usually creates conflicts between the tenant and the landlord when landlord is claiming damages from the tenant. Hence to minimise this, we usually provide a waterproof mattress protector when a tenant moves in.

If you would like to enquire more on our interior planning services for your property investment, please do drop an email.

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