Owning rental property / real estate can be a lucrative investment, but it can also bring its share of headaches and stress, especially when a tenant has an urgent maintenance need such as power failure, water leakage, appliance breakdown and etc.

ARE, KL Property Management Service aims to take away the tedious part of owning a real estate / property so that Kuala Lumpur property investors would enjoy the benefit of owning rental properties here in the city and would have less worries on adding more units in their portfolio.

Our comprehensive property management services have a personal touch, so both you and your tenants will enjoy working with us. We understand the value of each investment and we treat it as it is our own. By engaging us, it will help to free your mind, time and energy for other endeavors and continue to enjoy the benefits of owning your investment property.

We handle tenant calls, especially for maintenance needs, will supervise and inspect any major repairs and screen thru any tenant applicants. Besides this, when a unit is vacant, we would seek out and work together with reliable leasing agents or corporate homefinders to get a tenant as quickly as possible.

ARE Property Management team is happy to provide a comprehensive package of leasing, management and maintenance services, and here’s some additional information on our property management services.

What is generally included:

  1. Arrangement of housekeeping
  2. Marketing the property for rent by working with our property agents and selected agencies
  3. Advertising property for rent on property portals (The cost is borne by us)
  4. Screening of prospective tenants
  5. Preparation of tenancy agreement
  6. Collection of security & utility deposits
  7. Inventory documentation of all items
  8. Move in briefing for tenant
  9. Arranging of utilities and necessary maintenance & repairs.
  10. Safe keeping of keys & access cards
  11. Dealing with tenant queries and complaints
  12. Arrangement of maintenance obligations
  13. Move out inventory
  14. Negotiation of deposit refunds and to ensure the correct apportionment of deposit refund at the end of the tenancy
  15. Replacement / refurbishment of furnishings. To keep your property in its best shape to attract good tenants.
  16. Provide suggestions on improvements for to keep the property up to date with what the market offers
  17. Providing quarterly annual statements

What is generally not included

Some to bear in mind are:

  1. Condo / facility management and sinking fund charges
  2. Additional property visits above the regular schedules
  3. Supervision of any major contracted work. Additional charges are application on this which is dealt on a case to case basis
  4. Local council charges
  5. Utility bills
  6. Cleaning charges
  7. Repair & maintainence charges
  8. Supervision of refurbishments
  9. Key & access cards duplications
  10. Property insurance cost
  11. Accountant to prepare statements to your particular countries accounting standards
  12. Property agent commissions (This ranges from 1 to 1.25 months of the agreed rental)
  13. Any other property related fees & charges incurred

Our Fees

The work and value we provide surpass the fee that we charge. The total fee per annum is usually less than commission paid to a leasing agent that finds you a tenant which you may not see or hear from him/her again till your tenancy expires.

Our fees varies depending on a number of factors ranging from 5-10% of the gross monthly rent. Arrangement and supervision of refurbishment fee is determine by the job scope. Please contact us for a further disccussion on our fees and what we can do for you.

If you would like to have more information or have further questions on our Property Management Services, please do not hesitate drop us an email at the “CONTACT” page and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.